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Property assessment

Self-declaration and sale survey forms

Did you receive a letter from MRC Brome-Missisquoi asking you to fill out a sales questionnaire or self-reporting form? You’re in the right place! Fill out the form(s) listed in the letter from the MRC in order to complete our request.

Online self-declaration and sale survey forms

PLEASE NOTE: If you have received a letter from the MRC of Brome-Missisquoi regarding a survey for residential sale asking you to complete a survey form for residential sale AND a self-declaration form, you must complete and submit the two forms separately.

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Survey form for residential sale

As the municipal evaluator, we have the duty to carry out a new three-year assessment role. Being that the property in question was subject of a real estate transaction in the last few years, we kindly ask you to complete the present document.

Information on the applicant
Owner's name

As entered on the notice of assessment (roll) or Tax bill. Format: xxxx-xx-xxxx-x-xxx-xxxx

Please answer the following questions
1. Is the purchased price the same as the above? 
2. Did the final price include furniture, equipment or other goods that are not part of the building or land? 

Specify the number of years, months, weeks and/or days. Enter “Don’t know” if you don’t know.

5. Was the seller a: 
6. Was it a forced sale: dation-in-payment, 60 days notice, court rulling, divorce or separation settlement? 
7. Is this property adjacent to an already owned property? 
8. Do you believe the sale price of the real estate transaction represented the market value of the property when you purchased it? 
9. Have you done some work on the property since the purchase? 
Specify the work you have done 
10. Major renovations to do in the next 5 years 
11. Have you discovered hidden defects after the purchase of the property 
12. Does the topography, location or shape of the land influenced the price of the transaction? 
13. Are there any elements in proximity that cause a disadvantage? 

Section 18:
Information: Every owner or occupant of a property or his mandatary must produce or make available to the assessor or his representative, any information respecting the property that he requires for the performance of his duties, according as he requests him to produce if by means of a questionnaire or otherwise, or to make it available [....].

Those information remains confidential and will only be used for municipal property assessment purposes.

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