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Waste management



After composting, recycling and recovery at the ecocentre, there’s almost nothing left to put in your garbage bin.

An estimated 85% of household waste can be composted, recycled or reclaimed at an ecocentre. We appreciate your help keeping waste out of our landfills!

Accepted materials

Waxed or laminated cardboard containers

Plastic wine corks



Ear swabs and dental floss

Pallet wrapping

Snack packaging or snack bar wrapping

Multi-layered packaging

Plastic or bubble mail envelopes

E.g., Amazon, Purolator

Photos or laminated paper

Small yogurt containers

Small yogurt containers #6

Plastic labelled with a 6 or 7

Plastics with no number

Tobacco products

Sanitary products

Chip bags

Styrofoam food packaging

You can always dispose of them at the Zone Éco, but you must go through the landfill scale from Monday to Friday and pay a fee.

Soiled fabrics

Plastic utensils

Broken dishware

Compostable or biodegradable plastic dishware and packaging

Coffee cups and lids

Note: Garbage bags and any other materials placed outside the rolling bin will not be collected.

Refused materials

Open all accordions

Refused materials can be taken to the Cowansville regional ecocentre. Syringes and medications should be returned to your drugstore.

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