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Waste management



Brown bins have been used in MRC Brome-Missisquoi since fall 2018. Now, all citizens can also benefit from free compost for their garden!

A hearty congratulations to everyone who’s put in the work to be part of the solution. Let’s keep it up!

What can go in the brown bin?

  1. Food waste
  2. Garden waste
  3. Soiled unwaxed paper and cardboard

To collect your compostable materials in your small bin, only paper bags, newspapers or compostable cellophane bags are accepted.

Compostable and biodegradable plastic bags are prohibited.

Accepted materials

Open all accordions

Refused materials

Dead animals (carcasses) and animal waste

Painted or treated wood and tree stumps

Stickers on fruit and vegetables

Diapers and sanitary products

Invasive alien species

Fabric softener sheets and vacuum cleaner bags

Wet wipes

Cigarette butts

Cotton balls, wipes and cotton swabs

Paper and cardboard soaked in motor oil, paint or hazardous materials

Plastics, whether compostable, biodegradable or not

Rocks and gravel

Single-use coffee cups and lids

Compostable plastic dishes, utensils or coffee pods

Glass items

Any plastic material, whether they’re compostable, biodegradable or not are prohibited, compostable and biodegradable plastic bags included. 


How do I begin composting?

Do your homework

Before you start composting, it’s normal to have a few questions about composting: What can you put in your composting bin? What can’t you? When will your bin be collected? (Check out your municipality’s website for details.)

Install a mini bin in a convenient location

Find the right spot for your mini bin based on your kitchen habits. Place it next to your waste container or near where you usually prepare your food.

Wrap up your waste

You can wrap your materials in newsprint or flyers (unwaxed paper with no staples). This will keep your bin clean longer between washes."

Tips and tricks