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Sustainable land management


Regional planning shaped by our land’s heritage

MRC Brome-Missisquoi is a unique region at the crossroads of the St. Lawrence lowlands and the Appalachian Mountains. These exceptional natural features give rise to a wide range of landscapes made up of interconnected networks of forests, lakes, wetlands and riparian zones scattered throughout the region’s rural areas, farms, villages, towns and surrounding areas.

Landscapes in Brome-Missisquoi can be classified into five major groups, made up of 14 areas containing 31 distinct features. As you travel west to east through the region, the landscape transitions from open plains to farmlands interspersed with forests, then transforms into ridges and plateaus that give way to trenches and valleys, eventually growing into foothills and mountain ranges.

Residents who understand the local landscapes are better equipped to decide where they want to settle down and how to best take care of their environment. When everyone pitches in to protect our natural landscapes, we can truly find peace in our surroundings.

An atlas that informs and inspires

Located on Quebec’s southern border, MRC Brome-Missisquoi straddles the St. Lawrence lowlands and the Appalachian Mountains.

Over the years, locals have been inspired by this unique location to craft a landscape full of contrasts. Countless landmarks and diverse landscapes dot the region between the Pike River plains and the Missisquoi valley.

That’s why this atlas was created—to profile the different landscapes throughout the region and identify important themes and issues within the MRC. It includes recommendations and possible interventions to help land planners, local governments and interest groups work together to shape the future of the region’s landscapes.

View the landscape atlas (French only)

A lens on landscapes

After creating the landscape atlas, the MRC is highlighting Brome-Missisquoi landscapes in Paysages en série, a five-part web series that explores a different regional landscape in each episode.


Heritage areas

Check out our study of heritage areas and our study of religious heritage buildings in MRC Brome-Missisquoi to learn more.