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Overview of property assessment

The MRC Brome-Missisquoi assessment team serves 16 of the 21 municipalities in the region. For assessment roll information from the other five municipalities (Bedford, Bromont, Cowansville, Farnham and Brome Lake), check out the Useful links and documents section at the bottom of the page.

Our assessment team is charged with preparing and updating the rolls and graphic registers, establishing the median proportion and communicating information to municipalities and taxpayers. The Real Estate Assessment Act sets parameters for assessors to use when determining which properties to include in the assessment roll and their actual values.

If you have any questions about municipal assessment, please call MRC Brome-Missisquoi’s assessment team. Most questions can be answered over the phone, but we can also schedule a meeting for you if needed.

For your convenience, your municipality is in charge of providing the following services:

  • Assessment roll consultations
  • Graphic register consultations

Questions about municipal services can only be answered by your municipality. Questions about taxes should be submitted to your municipality or your school service centre, depending on the taxes in question.


Graphic register

The graphic register shows the size, area, lot number, roll number and location of parcels of land in your municipality. It also provides aerial views of the properties in your municipality.

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Request for review

Anyone with an interest in contesting the correctness, existence or absence of an entry on the property assessment roll for a unit of assessment owned by them or another person may file a request for review of the entry with the MRC.

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