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Waste management

Special collections

Bulky items

Here are lists of bulky items that are normally accepted and refused. Refer to your municipal collection schedule for more information.

Please note that bulky items can be brought at any time to the Cowansville regional ecocentre. Most bulky items that are refused during municipal bulky item collections can be brought to the ecocentres.

Accepted materials

Household appliances

Upholstered and non-upholstered furniture


Water heaters and toilets




No longer than 1.2 m, tied in bundles weighing less than 22 kg

Pool liners

Rolled and tied

Refused materials

Open all accordions

Leaves and garden waste

What to do with your dead leaves?

  1. Prioritize leafcycling!
    1. It’s so easy: just leave the dead leaves on the ground after shredding them with the mower!
    2. Excellent natural fertilizer for your lawn and plants—plus it’s free!
    3. More time to do something other than picking up leaves
  2. Use your composting bin.
  3. Bring them for free to the RIGMRBM composting platform (2500 Rang Saint-Joseph, Cowansville), open Monday to Saturday all year round.
  4. Bring them for free to any of the ecocentres.
  5. Participate in the door-to-door collection or bring them to your municipality’s drop-off points for residents

Four rules to follow:

Paper bags only

No adhesive tape on bags

Bulk leaves are accepted

Plastic bags will be refused

Christmas trees

Christmas trees can be taken to the regional ecocentre at any time. Some municipalities will also collect Christmas trees. Refer to your municipal collection calendar.

Trees should be stripped of all decorations. Place them on the ground at the curbside; avoid sticking trees in a snowbank.

Maple tubing

Maple syrup producers, recycle your maple tubing for free! Your tubing will be recycled to make new products and you will be helping prevent these plastics from ending up in a landfill.

The drop-off point is the regional ecocentre in Cowansville. Dispose of them loose in the designated container.


Blue tubing and nylon sap spiles only

Other spiles refused

Clean tubing only

No spools

Farm plastics

Brome-Missisquoi's farmers have the opportunity to recycle their farm plastics thanks to Cleanfarms.

This initiative promotes sustainable agriculture, keeps the countryside clean and prevents plastics from ending up in landfills.

Recycle your farm plastics in three simple steps:

  1. Unpack your silage and shake out the packaging.
  2. Place them immediately in transparent polythene bags. You must obtain these bags yourself at one of the drop-off points. 
  3. Take it to one of the two collection points:
    1. JLD Laguë in Pike River
    2. The regional ecocentre in Cowansville

The farm plastic collection service is offered free of charge to all agricultural producers in the MRC.