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Land use planning

Revision of the land use and development plan

Establishing the main orientations, planning out the region and coordinating decisions and implementation methods for the next 20 years of planning.

Imagine, achieve, live
Réalisons Brome-Missisquoi

Project phases

Overview of the region

In progress – 2022-2023

Online survey

Upcoming – 2023

Diagnosis - Regional challenges

Upcoming – 2023

Vision and strategic directions

Upcoming – To be determined

Objectives and implementation

Upcoming – To be determined

Regulatory strategy and action plan

Upcoming – To be determined

What is a land use and development plan and why does it need revising?

A land use and development plan is much more than just a planning document—it’s a roadmap for the region. Developed with the help of local stakeholders, the land use and development plan is a collaborative informational tool that offers a collective, sustainable regional vision of land use planning and development over the next 20 years.

Brome-Missisquoi's strategic vision

Brome-Missisquoi: A natural region, home to a vibrant, innovative community

“A region that stands out for the harmony of its landscapes, environment, natural resources, heritage, community development and economic activities. A region that sustainably balances natural beauty, great living and a thriving economy.”

This vision statement comes from the MRC’s Planification stratégique de développement durable 2017-2032 [2017–2032 sustainable development strategic plan] and guides all of our revision work on the current Land use and development plan.

Scroll down for the link to view the strategic plan.

Learning about the region

The first step in revising the Land use and development plan is understanding the region. Before we can begin planning for the future or defining our main challenges, we need to know and understand every facet of the region. Stakeholders can refer to the plan to have a shared vision of the region.

You’ll soon be able to check out our overview of the region, including sociodemographic, economic, regional, environmental and cultural information that accurately reflects Brome-Missisquoi.

To learn more about the region, take a look at our landscape atlas.

Joining in

The Land use and development plan is being revised through a participatory process that includes the public, the 21 municipalities and various local stakeholders. The consultation process offers everyone an opportunity to take a closer look at where they live and understand the challenges facing our region’s development moving forward. For the MRC, this means making choices that will bring together a majority of the public by accounting for the specific vision and expectations of residents and various stakeholders.

2017–2032 sustainable development strategic plan

View MRC Brome-Missisquoi’s strategic plan for sustainable development (French only).


Online survey

Coming soon. We will be asking for your input shortly—stay tuned!