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Credential recognition

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Competencies acquired abroad

Recognition of prior learning and acquired competencies enables adults immigrating to Quebec to have their competencies acquired abroad be officially recognized.

This process allows previously mastered competencies and, if applicable, missing training components to be identified in order to attain an objective.

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Qualifications Québec (French only)

The Qualifications Québec website (French only) lists the various ways to have your competencies acquired abroad be recognized. You can also find competency recognition programs offered in each region for different fields of employment.​

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Comparative evaluation

The comparative evaluation of studies completed outside Quebec is an export opinion provided by the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration for information purposes only.

Comparative evaluation offers a general comparison of two official educational systems. It indicates which educational benchmarks (or main diplomas) and areas of the curriculum in Quebec can be compared to studies completed abroad.​ Comparative evaluation is neither a diploma nor the equivalent of a diploma.

Although it is not mandatory, several regulatory bodies and employers use comparative evaluation of studies completed outside Quebec as a tool in their hiring or admission process.