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Natural environment

Regional plan for natural environments

Strategic planning document that makes it possible for activities and projects to be planned prior to development in the right regional locations, without disturbing natural environments of regional interest.

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Réalisons Brome-Missisquoi

Project phases

Overview of the region

Spring 2021

1st online survey

Spring 2021

Sectoral consultation activities

Summer 2021

2nd online survey

Spring 2022

Diagnosis – Natural environments

Spring/summer 2022

Sectoral and intersectoral consultation activities

Fall 2022

Commitment to conservation

Winter 2023

Conservation strategy

Spring 2023

Publication of the RPNE and its action plan

June 2023

What is a regional plan for natural environments?

Under the Act respecting the conservation of wetlands and bodies of water, regional county municipalities (MRCs in the French acronym) became responsible for developing and implementing a plan for the regional wetlands and bodies of water in their territory by June 2022.

The MRC’s Council of Mayors chose to include all natural environments of interest in this plan in order to ensure consistency with the revision of the Land use and development plan. The ultimate goal of the Regional plan for natural environments is to incorporate the conservation of natural environments of interest into land use planning by promoting sustainable, structured development.

Learning about the region

The overview describes the region and its main features in terms of its development and natural environments.

It summarizes the most recent sociodemographic, economic, regional, environmental and cultural data available for MRC Brome-Missisquoi, allowing for proper documentation of the region’s past, present and anticipated future. This gives different stakeholders a shared vision of the region.

Joining in

There will be a consultation process for developing a regional plan for natural environments that takes into account all the components, concerns and issues of the different municipalities, key stakeholders and region’s residents.

A participatory approach

Throughout each phase of the plan’s development and in compliance with public health measures, we’ll be organizing and inviting you to join webinars, workshops, resident focus groups, co-creation workshops, surveys and much more. Stay in the loop!

Share your ideas and opinions at any time:

Together, let’s build a sustainable region. Together, let’s build our Brome-Missisquoi!

Informational videos

Check out our two informational videos on the environment and human land use in Brome-Missisquoi!


Interactive map

View our map of the region's natural environments

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