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Agri-food development

Nurturing communities

The CLD of Brome-Missisquoi is mobilizing municipalities in the region around the idea of nurturing communities as part of its Agri-Food Development Strategic Plan 2021-2023, themed on “A nurturing region with an entrepreneurial flavour.” Eight municipalities have undergone a planning process for their food system (overview, assessment, vision, action plan). The goal of this initiative is to build more sustainable food systems and mobilize industry stakeholders around nurturing activities.

Project phases

Informational session with municipalities

May 2021

MAPAQ grant application

September 2021

MAPAQ grant approval

December 2021

Initiative launched

January 2022

Overview of food system

March 2022

Development of a unifying vision

August 2022

Adoption of a realistic action plan

October 2022

End of MAPAQ grant

February 2023

Implementation of action plans

March 2023

Goals and benefits of a nurturing community

  • Improve quality of life in the region and local residents’ sense of belonging
  • Help retain farming and agri-food businesses
  • Increase food self-sufficiency and access to high-quality food
  • Reduce the food system’s environmental footprint
  • Decrease food waste
  • Adapt to the effects of climate change

What is a sustainable food system (SFS)?

A sustainable food system is a regional collaborative network that integrates food product production, processing, distribution, consumption and waste management in order to improve the environmental, economic and social health of the community. Based on a regional approach to food governance, it includes all stakeholders, activities and infrastructure that support the population’s safe food supply.