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Agri-food development

Local sourcing guide

The local sourcing guide is a handy tool for finding businesses in the region that sell in a short food supply chain. It is designed to help people learn more about locally available food and strengthen the culinary identity of Brome-Missisquoi.

The CLD’s agri-food development team hopes it will lead companies such as restaurants, catering services, hotels and other institutions to shop more locally.

Project phases

Gathered information about businesses

Summer 2021

First version of the guide for businesses

September 2021

Corrected and expanded the first version

Summer 2022

Launch of the guide for the general public

September 2022

Brome-Missisquoi: A food provider

This guide features more than 220 businesses in the region that focus on local products: farmers, artisanal producers, local grocery stores and small neighbourhood stores. The information is organized in 10 food categories (fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy products, etc.). At the end of the guide, businesses are also indexed alphabetically and by municipality.

View the guide (French only)

The guide gives details about product availability (seasonal or year-round), intended clientele (individuals or businesses), sourcing methods and contact information for each company.

It also includes further details of interest to consumers, such as subscription services for vegetable baskets, pick-your-own fruit businesses, a list of public markets, etc. The guide will be updated as businesses develop.

Four luminaries of Quebec’s agri-food industry have written features for the public version of the guide:

  • Market gardener Jean-Martin Fortier wrote about eating as an agricultural activity.
  • Author and former restauranteur Élisabeth Cardin discusses what creates regional culinary identity.
  • Author and gardener Mariève Savaria gives tips about key ingredients for a local pantry.
  • Illustrator and author Laurence Deschamps-Léger, also known as Laucolo, shares advice on adapting your diet to every season.

The public version of the local sourcing guide aligns with the mission of the CLD’s Agri-Food Development Strategic Plan 2021-2023, and is also part of Brome-Missisquoi’s involvement in the 2022 edition of Défi 100% Local, a Quebec-wide initiative to encourage Quebecers to eat more local products.

The guide is available online at no cost. There are also a limited number of hard copies for sale at the CLD, the Brome-Missisquoi Chamber of Commerce and the online store J'achète Brome-Missisquoi (linked below). Every municipality, tourism office and library in the region also received copies that can be viewed for free.

Get yourself a copy!

Looking for locally grown organic tomatoes, locally raised beef or farm-fresh eggs? Easy peasy! Our local sourcing guide—now available in hard copy—can help you find what you’re looking for. You’ll be referring to this handy tool all the time to hunt down local businesses selling in a short food supply chain. Plus, it’ll look great on your coffee table!

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