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Cowansville, March 22, 2022 – Following the implementation of a new environmental management service in April 2020, where the MRC and the CLD of Brome‐Missisquoi work together to support citizens and businesses in their efforts towards waste management, sustainable development and circular economy, the MRC Brome‐Missisquoi is proud to continue its progress by launching a new information platform, available in French and English:!

Under the colours of the "Sorting, it's that easy" campaign, the new platform offers four main sections: Composting, Recycling, Ecocenters and Garbage where the accepted and refused materials in the various collections are detailed, in addition to sub‐sections of Questions and Answers, Tips and Tricks, and Myths. also offers documents and useful links, a collection calendar by municipality, an interactive map for the location of glass recycling containers on the territory as well as information on special collections and grasscycling/leafcycling practices.

The new platform will be improved over the next few years, in particular regarding a section specific to industries, commerces and institutions (ICI).

In order to contribute to the achievement of government objectives and actively participate in the ecological, social and economic transition, the MRC wishes to increase and improve the valorization, in terms of quantity and quality, of residual materials produced by all generators, as well as improving communication towards the citizens by diversifying communication channels. It is along theses lines that was created!

“One of the priorities of the environmental management service is to make the population aware of good practices in RMM (residual materials management). We are pleased to launch which will greatly help citizens unravel the complexities of this management. Everything they need to become exemplary waste managers is's worth the detour! ‐ Oriana Familiar, coordinator of the environmental management service and sustainable development advisor.

The realization of this project was possible thanks to the contribution of the structure as well as several graphic elements of the website “Gêné de jeter” of the MRC de La Haute‐Yamaska.

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Eliane St‐Pierre
Agente aux communications
450 266‐4900 poste 442