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Violence is highly frowned upon in Canada and Quebec and can have legal repercussions.

Forms of violence

  • Psychological: A type of violence used to control someone. Psychological violence could take the form of constantly criticizing someone, socially isolating them or manipulating their emotions.
  • Verbal: A type of violence that can be aimed at strangers, neighbours, colleagues or loved ones. Verbal violence could look like insulting someone, belittling them, screaming at them or giving them orders.
  • Economic: Subjecting someone to economic violence means taking away their financial independence. Some examples include making a person pay you money or pay for expenses that they did not incur, stealing someone’s debit or credit cards, asking someone to account for their purchases and forbidding someone from working or studying.
  • Physical: Physical violence can occur in situations such as child or elder abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual abuse and harassment.