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The sole gateway to educational childcare services

Childcare providers

Quebec’s government subsidizes home childcare providers, private daycares and early childhood centres (CPEs).

Parents of children attending CPEs pay a fraction of the care costs, based on their family income. On average, the cost of childcare services is $8 a day.

Subsidized childcare services are available to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, temporary workers and foreign students. Asylum seekers cannot access subsidized childcare.

How do I sign up

You must sign up for the waiting list if you are entitled to subsidized childcare and wish to access it (see the Useful links and documents section below).

It can take a while to find an opening, especially if your child is under 18 months of age. We recommend looking for an opening in a private daycare. The cost is approximately $45 a day. Depending on your income level, a portion of this amount will be eligible for a tax credit when you file your return with the provincial and federal governments.

Useful links and documents