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Driving in winter

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Be careful!

Winter driving in Quebec can be dangerous. You should be extra careful when driving in winter.

  • Check the weather before you hit the road. If a storm (over 10 cm of snow) has been announced, ask yourself whether you really need to go out.
  • Make sure you have enough windshield washer fluid before you leave. Fill up the tank with winter washer fluid.
  • Drive slower.
  • Give yourself more time to come to a stop on ice and snow.
  • Use light pressure when braking (pump the brake) if roads are icy.
  • Remember that visibility may be reduced in winter snow.

Above all: Drive carefully!

12 must-have emergency supplies for your car in winter

Mandatory winter tires

In Quebec, you must have your winter tires installed by December 1.

Winter tires are built for the cold climate and are much safer than summer or all-season (all-weather) tires on ice and snow.

Book your appointment at an auto shop several weeks before the cut-off date. Some auto shops even start changing tires in late September so they can finish on time.