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Ambulances and police

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Dial 911

If you are unsafe or experiencing a health issue and require immediate assistance, pick up your phone and dial 911. 911 answers all kinds of emergency calls.

Cost of ambulance services

Ambulance services are billed to the user.

If you are on social assistance and receive an ambulance services bill, it is your responsibility to send the bill to your social aid officer. SERY (Solidarité ethnique régionale de la Yamaska) can help you with this process (see the Contact person section below).

If you have private or group insurance, you must check with your insurance company to see if you have medical transportation coverage. Your employer can tell you if you have coverage and how much.


Police in Canada and Quebec are peace officers. They are there for your safety.

When interacting with a peace officer, you must remain respectful, refrain from any aggressive behaviour and politely answer the officer’s questions.

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